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We help clients pursue solutions and, when necessary, we aggressively pursue and defend their interests with extensive trial experience in federal and state courts, administrative agencies, and in arbitration proceedings. Our litigation skills extend to virtually every area important to business, including product liability, business torts, insurance coverage and bad faith, environment and natural resources, employment, medical negligence defense, personal injury and wrongful death, professional liability, real estate, securities, intellectual property, and tax controversies.

Our substantial business practice covers real estate, finance, public offerings, private placements, corporate reorganizations, mergers and acquisitions, dispositions, entity formation, intellectual property, estate planning, government relations and numerous other practice areas.

Our litigation and transactions capabilities reflect the diverse and dynamic nature of the region. We serve companies in aerospace, real estate development, retail, technology and biotechnology, petroleum, mining, sports, manufacturing, agribusiness, and financial services among many others.

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    We understand that to be of service to you we need to understand your business objectives, expectations, organization and industry. We pride ourselves on being strong advocates, as well as problem solvers. However, if we are not an excellent choice to assist you with a certain legal matter or we have a conflict, we will let you know and recommend another attorney who can help you.

    Your challenges and opportunities are often time-sensitive and we strive to comply with deadlines. We will inform you as to what is achievable in a given time frame. Should a problem or question arise, we will notify you promptly.

    Budget and matter management are important and we will work with you to execute legal work for you that is results oriented and efficient. We welcome the opportunity to discuss what fee arrangement is best for you.

    Our client invoices should be easily understood and clearly explained in terms of work performed and time allocated. Always let us know if you have a question or concern about an invoice.

    Accessibility and responsiveness are vital to providing the best possible service. Our professionals answer their own telephones and provide our clients with multiple contact information and back up contact information for emergencies.

    These are our commitments to you. If at any time we disappoint you, please let us know. It is only through your valuable feedback that we can serve you even better. Feel free at any time to call our managing partner, James Goodnow at 602.916.5440 for additional assistance.

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    As a law firm with 135-plus-years of storied history in Arizona and the Mountain West, and now, California, you can safely assume – and probably be correct – that we’ve nearly seen it all, and survived and thrived while proudly serving our business clients. That means Fennemore has withstood the tests of two World Wars, the Great Depression, the Great Recession and numerous other calamities.




    Richard Sloan, one of the founding members of what is now Fennemore Craig, P.C., in his book, Memories of an Arizona Judge, recalls his arrival in Phoenix in 1884, "the train slowed down, and the brakeman stuck his head in the car door and shouted, 'Maricopa- all out for Phoenix!' I stepped from the train, somewhat surprised that I was the only passenger to do so."

    As Mr. Sloan stood alone on that train platform in 1884, only 5,500 people lived in Phoenix and the city covered one and a half square miles. Today, Phoenix is home to approximately 1.4 million people. Equally as remarkable, considering what Mr. Sloan encountered in 1884, is the size of the Mountain West region's 21st-century economy, driven by high-tech manufacturing, mining, construction, tourism, transportation, health care, energy and agriculture industries.

    Mr. Sloan was joined by a fellow Ohio law school graduate, Louis Chalmers. In January 1885 they presented their credentials to the Territorial Supreme Court. Sloan & Chalmers subsequently opened in downtown Phoenix at what is now the intersection of Washington and First Avenue. Mr. Sloan went on to serve as Associate Justice on the Arizona Territorial Supreme Court, and as the 17th and final Governor of the Arizona Territory. As Governor he oversaw Arizona’s transition from territory to statehood.

    When Arizona became a state in 1912, Edward Kent joined the firm after serving on the Territorial Supreme Court. Mr. Kent authored the "Kent’s Decree," which established water rights for nearly all of the Salt and Verde River systems. The "Kent's Decree" stood the test of time and still governs water rights in Central Arizona after seven decades.

    Harry Fennemore joined the firm in 1916. Mr. Fennemore drafted Arizona's workmen's compensation law and sales tax act. Mr. Fennemore also brought with him as a client the Mountain States Telephone and Telegraph Company, the successor of which the firm represents to this day. For over a century, we have been involved in the development of Arizona's telecommunications system through policy-making and shaping administrative regulation of communications companies.

    Jubal Early Craig and Virgil Bledsoe joined us in 1927. Mr. Craig helped organize the State Bar of Arizona, contributed to the writing of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, and helped form the Maricopa County Legal Aid Society.

    Jubal Craig's son Walter Craig joined us in 1936. Walter served as the president of the Arizona Bar Association and, in 1963, became president of the American Bar Association, a rare accomplishment for an attorney from a then small western state like Arizona. Mr. Craig also served as special counsel to the Warren Commission, which investigated the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. In 1963, following his service to the Warren Commission, he served as a judge on the United States District Court for the District of Arizona until his death in 1986. The State Bar of Arizona’s Walter E. Craig Distinguished Service Award is named after Mr. Craig. It is awarded to the attorney who has manifested adherence to the highest principles and tradition of the legal profession and service to the public in the community in which he/she lives. The following Fennemore Craig attorneys have received this award: Philip E. Von Ammon – 1988; Calvin H. Udall – 1993; Kenneth Sherk – 1999; and Neal Kurn – 2014.

    Phillip Von Ammon, who joined us after serving as counsel to one of the firm’s major clients, the AT&SF railroad. Mr. Von Ammon subsequently served as president of the Arizona Bar Association and as the firm's managing partner for many years.

    Between 1954 and 1962, Calvin Udall served as the attorney for Arizona in the titanic legal and political battle between Arizona and California for control of Colorado River water. Mr. Udall was part of Arizona's legal team in 1963 when the United States Supreme Court allocated the rights to Colorado River water. Without Colorado River water, growth of Arizona's major cities, particularly Phoenix, would never have materialized. Mr. Udall also was a tireless supporter of diversity in the legal profession, chairing the American Bar Association Task Force on Minorities in the Legal Profession, which issued its report in 1986, highlighting the lack of opportunities for minorities as lawyers and judges. He later served with a small group of legislators, judges and lawyers as the Ad Hoc Committee for Minority Opportunities in the Arizona Judiciary, which subsequently became the Commission on Minority Opportunities in the Arizona Judiciary through an Administrative Order of the Arizona Supreme Court in 1990.

    Continuing our enduring presence on water issues facing the Southwest, Jim Johnson was a principal negotiator and drafter of the Arizona Groundwater Management Act, which was vital to balancing the growth in Arizona with the available water supply. Without the sustainable water supply that resulted from the state's Groundwater Management Act, growth in Arizona would have slowed decades ago.

    In 1957, John O'Connor joined. He met his future wife, Sandra Day, while they served as editors of the Stanford Law Review. Sandra Day O'Connor went on to serve as the first female justice of the United States Supreme Court. When Justice O'Connor was nominated for the Supreme Court in 1981, she relied on attorneys from the firm to help her prepare for her confirmation hearings. When Justice O'Connor joined the Supreme Court in September 1981, she hired Fennemore Craig attorney, Ruth McGregor as her first law clerk.

    In 1974, we hired our first two female attorneys, Ruth McGregor and Toni McClory. We subsequently became one of the first law firms in Arizona to elect females as shareholders. Ms. McGregor later served 11 years as a justice of the Arizona Supreme Court. Justice McGregor served as an associate justice until 2005, when she became the court's second female chief justice. Ms. McClory went on to serve as an Arizona Assistant Attorney General from 1976-1991.

    We expanded into Tucson in October 1989 and then into Nogales in September 1999 with the addition of Kim and Hector Arana and a robust cross-border trade practice. We opened a Las Vegas office in September 2006, welcoming attorneys from Morse and Mowbray, and later that year, opened an office in Denver with the addition of intellectual property attorneys from the Dahl firm.

    In July 2012, we welcomed 25 attorneys from Jones Vargas, a law firm with offices in Las Vegas and Reno, Nevada. Like us, Jones Vargas had a rich history and deep local roots. The Jones Vargas roster over the years has included governors, state senators, state assembly representatives, state bar governors and presidents, governors of the American Bar Association, and community leaders. Ann Morgan now serves on the State Bar of Nevada Board of Governors.

    In 2015, we embarked upon our 130 year anniversary and added 19 lawyers in the Las Vegas and Reno offices from the prominent Lionel Sawyer & Collins firm. The arrival of the Lionel Sawyer lawyers included the legendary Sam Lionel, who co-founded the Lionel Sawyer firm in 1967 with former Nevada Governor Grant Sawyer, who has since passed away. Sam Lionel has been instrumental in the evolution of the legal profession in Nevada. Joining Mr. Lionel was former U.S. Senator Richard Bryan, who also served as Governor of Nevada for two terms prior to serving in Washington, D.C. in the U.S. Senate.


    In life, as in the law, change is the lifeblood for success. In 2020, while other law firms recoiled during the COVID-19 pandemic, our firm acted strategically and boldly by welcoming the nearly 100 legal professionals from California firm Dowling Aaron. Our combined firm now has offices in 9 cities in the western US, including three in California. 

    Established in 1977, Dowling Aaron Incorporated became a leading full-service law firm in central California, representing the diverse interests of a broad and sophisticated client base. The firm’s success is due in part to our philosophy of personalized client service.

    In the firm's early days, Mike Dowling, one of Dowling Aaron’s founders, had a reputation as a top young business lawyer in California. When he brought on an even younger protégé named Richard Aaron, the dynamic duo knew they had something special, but neither could have predicted how high the firm would soar.

    Mike Dowling passed away in 2018, but his legacy of excellence remains as the ‘new’ firm, Fennemore Dowling Aaron (as it is known in California), embarks on a bright future with Richard Aaron now serving as California Region Chair and Dowling Aaron’s president, Leigh Burnside, joined Fennemore’s management committee. 

    Many of the issues and clients with which we have been involved have shaped the Mountain West and California. Now among the 250 largest law firms in the nation, we continue to help entrepreneurs and businesses reach their goals.

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    We are a member of the State Capital Group, an association of independent law firms. Member firms are located in all 50 U.S. state capitals and in capital cities, business markets and financial centers around the world. Member firm attorneys bring a broad range of skills and experience to your business. Those based in U.S. state capitals offer a unique knowledge of state legislatures and regulatory agencies. Those based outside the United States offer similar perspectives and abilities in their jurisdictions.

    The State Capital Group provides an effective, trustworthy resource to identify local counsel worldwide. Member law firms depend on other State Capital Group members to assist them in providing multi-jurisdictional legal services for standard business matters and complex transactions. A firm's membership in the State Capital Group is a particularly useful resource for attorneys whose commercial clients have regulatory concerns, international operations and regional legal needs.

    Attorneys practicing in member firms can easily and confidently get legal advice from several jurisdictions in a short time, reach decision makers in all 50 U.S. state capitals, coordinate regional legal services, and organize a multi-jurisdictional legal team.

    The State Capital Group assists members in sharing information about the practice of law and various business industries. Through continuing legal education and networking opportunities, attorneys develop relationships with other attorneys from around the world that ultimately benefits their individual clients. Member firm attorneys are confident in knowing the "go to" lawyer in other state capitals, commercial cities, provinces, and countries.

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